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Privacy Policy

We at Access Mortgage Inc, respect your privacy and adhere to the Federal Privacy Laws of Canada.

When you submit an application online; When you fill out this application online you should note that this is a secure web site where none of your personal information will been seen by anyone else but us at Access Mortgage. Once we receive some information from you, we will contact you personally, before we continue doing anything for you.

Access Mortgage Inc is dedicated in protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal, and financial information. It is one of our highest priorities we use stringent security safeguards to ensure your personal and financial information is protected.

Current Rates as of 2019-03-22
Duration Posted Bank Rates Our Rates
1 year 3.04 2.44
2 year 3.24 2.54
3 year 3.44 2.74
4 Year 3.89 2.99
5 Year 4.99 2.94
7 year 5.30 3.79
10 year 6.10 3.74
5 Yr - Variable 3.45 2.41
Qualifying rate 0.00 5.14

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