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Welcome to Access Mortgage

At Access Mortgage, we offer customized financing solutions. We understand that every loan and property is unique. By providing you access to a broad range of lending products, we give you the flexibility to custom tailor the right financing solution.

At Access Mortgage we are committed to our costomers as our client satisfaction is our goal.
Our Mortgage Professionals will analyze your specific needs and work with you to help you achieve the right mortgage for you.

Access Mortgage networks with over 50 Lending Institution, including Major Banks, Credit Unions, Trust Companies and private Investors. Due to our large mortgage volume we are able to obtain wholesale rates from institutions that are then passed on to our clients.

Access Mortgage Professionals will find you the best and lowest rate mortgage available in the market. While providing you with genuine professional unbiased advice.

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Latest News
What the Bank of Canada's Caution Means for Canadian Mortgage Rates
When the Bank of Canada (BoC) met last week, it left its overnight rate unchanged, as expected. The only real question leading up to this meeting centred on the tone of the Bank's accompanying statement. ... read more

Investing In Yourself
Many Canadians are getting into the market on their own as low mortgage rates make ownership easier to finance, and young people stay in school longer and get married later in life - or not at all - while baby boomers settle down on their own after a split. ... read more

Prevent Family Friction
A visit to the bank of mom and dad is often necessary when buying a home, but it always pays to use a lawyer when lending money between the generations. Having a legal document that clearly outlines the agreement can help protect the parents, the child, any siblings and any spouse or future spouse. ... read more

Current Rates as of 2019-03-22
Duration Posted Bank Rates Our Rates
1 year 3.04 2.44
2 year 3.24 2.54
3 year 3.44 2.74
4 Year 3.89 2.99
5 Year 4.99 2.94
7 year 5.30 3.79
10 year 6.10 3.74
5 Yr - Variable 3.45 2.41
Qualifying rate 0.00 5.14

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